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Welcome to our blog!

This is your one stop shop for up to date medical marijuana news and information. We would like to thank all of our readers and those who post and contribute to our lively conversations. Please sign up for our newsletter and use the share button to send helpful information to friends.

All blog entries are written by ACC staff and not the physicians, unless otherwise notated.

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About our Clinic

At an ACC clinic patients can be evaluated to see if medical marijuana can benefit their condition in a safe, confidential and professional environment. We provide law enforcement and co-ops with reliable and consistent verification of patients. We are HIPAA compliant and protect patient privacy at all times. We are dedicated to providing our community of patients with resources, support and compassion.

About our 24 hour Patient Verification

We offer our patients 24/7 verification. We have live representatives to answer calls Monday thru Friday 8:45am to 7pm and Saturday 10-6 Sunday 10-5. Our toll free verification line is 866-420-7215.

You can also use our online patient verification at

Visit our website at

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