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Daily Roundup: Colorado’s KushCon 2010 Overshadowing California?

December 21, 2010

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David Downs —  Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM

1) The San Jose medical marijuana battleground gets another look from the AP. “The crackdown highlights a stubborn legal reality that persists despite a growing sense that storefront pot shops have become a permanent part of the California landscape: the law around medical marijuana is vague, and you can still get busted. ‘They’re trying to make money off it, and that’s ridiculous,’ Bob Cooke, the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement agent overseeing the raids, said of the dispensary owners who have been targeted.” More headlines after the jump.

2) Conversely, KushCon convened tens of thousands in Denver over the weekend, the Denver Post reports. “While Colorado may not yet be the center of marijuana culture, it is the hub of marijuana business. KushCon organizers and exhibitors say Colorado’s for-profit model — legitimized by laws passed in the legislature and rules soon to be adopted by state agencies — is the envy of canna-business owners across the country. ‘Denver is the leader in the world,’ said Michael Lerner, a marijuana media mogul who is putting on the show. ‘Colorado is light-years ahead of the rest of the world in how it regulates and taxes cannabis.’ In happier news, the Raiders beat the Broncos, in what has to be the stoniest match-up in the NFL.

3) The Alameda County district attorney has a problem with Oakland’s licensed pot farms, saying they could be illegal under vague state guidelines that we wrote about in July. California Watch reports.
growing facilities are springing up in Eureka, following planned ones in Berkeley, Sebastopol, Humboldt, plus the entire states of Colorado and Arizona. The Times-Standard reports.

4) Conversely,

5) Meanwhile, cleaner, cheaper high-quality dispensaries are forcing one Marin county club to clean up or go out of business, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

6) And the Emerald Cup gets a post from Peter Hecht at the SacBee. For a closer look at last year, check Redheaded Blackbelt.

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