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Steve Cooley Disapproves The Sale Of Medicinal Marijuana

November 6, 2010

Steven Cooley was contending against Kamala Harris in the recent elections. They were both running for the Attorney General Election in California. He is former reserve police officer from L.A. and a veteran prosecutor. He comes from the family of a homemaker mother and an FBI agent father. He is married to Jana Cooley and has a son and a daughter. He has lived in Toluca Lake for 30 years now.

Cooley is also the incumbent Los Angeles County District Attorney since 2000. Cooley has served three terms in this position until now. He is 63 years old. His official website is He is the man behind the closure of the Environmental Crimes unit of Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Cooley was the prosecutor of Winona Ryder when she was charged with shoplifting.

He has been known to be outspoken in several cases. He refused to apologize after calling the juries “incredibly stupid” during the trial and acquittal of Robert Blake on the charges of killing his wife. He has also been criticized for his handling of the Deborah Peagler case. Cooley is also strongly disapproves the sale of medicinal marijuana.

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  1. November 29, 2010 10:04 pm

    well steve cooley is a conservative freak. He needs to be educated on the medical benefits of medical marijuana!

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