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The 420 Times: This For That

October 9, 2010

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This For That
Chronic Back Pain


Back pain is one of those ailments that anti-medical marijuana activists like to attack. They say it is difficult for a doctor to substantiate a back pain diagnosis, since much of their diagnosis depends on what the patient is telling them.

This attitude makes light of an ailment that so many suffer with on a daily basis. Muscle spasms, slipped disks, pinched nerves. These things can be crippling to a person and are often a result of a terrible accident; these symptoms can also get them hooked on any number of narcotic painkillers legally prescribed by their doctors.

But instead of suffering the back pain along with the side effects of whatever pill their doctor hoped would work, many people have turned to cannabis to relieve their daily misery.

As you know, in “This for That,” we bring ailments together with the cannabis strains that help them the most; in this way we hope to help patients who suffer so much. This month we
will tackle some good strains for treating chronic back pain.

According to Robert from Organic Medirex Consultations in North Hollywood, California, indica strains are the best for relieving back pain. “I would recommend patients with back pain to use indica strains, especially OG’s as they have been proven to relieve pain and relax muscle and nerve tension,” he told The 420 Times. He also recommended trying inversion table therapy; this is not cannabis related, but may be helpful as well.

If you’re looking for OG’s, you should try OG Kush, Jupiter OG, Poison OG, or Fire OG. Each is a good indica that will give you the “body high” needed to relax your back.

OG strains are often crossed with Kush strains, delivering potent pain-relieving power. The aforementioned OG Kush is an example of this. Other great Kush varieties that give you the heavy indica effect are Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush, and Purple Kush. Indicas will put many patients asleep for the night, but that is often when back pain is the most maddening; when you just want to get some rest.

“I would say that a straight, heavy Indica and/or CBD-rich strain would be best as both then to be more for overall body relaxation and pain relief,” John B. of Harborside Health Center in Oakland told us. CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, and has sedative effects as well as being good for reducing inflammation.

John B. was even good enough to mention some specific strains he thinks are good for treating back pain, like True Blueberry x OG Kush: a hybrid strain (meaning parts indica and parts sativa); this cross will put you on the couch for the night, and has a fruity, blueberry taste. He also mentioned Harlequin and Soma A+, the latter being very good for relaxation.

Concentrates and edible made from all these strains should be helpful for back pain as well, and since concentrates have a longer lasting effect, they are better for those who need longer amounts of time between medicating periods.

Using certain strains for certain ailments is not an exact science, and some trial-and-error may be
necessary to find the strain that is right for you. And as always, be sure to check with your doctor and/or dispensary for suggestions on cannabis strains.

Until next month everyone, may your pain be manageable and your strain be right

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