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Medical marijuana commercial causes little controversy

September 5, 2010

A TV advertisement for the CannaCare medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, California has not stimulated much controversy.

The commercial spot lights testimonials for patients as the text describes how marijuana can alleviate symptoms of illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis C and others. The 30-second commercial didn’t show images of pot or even use the word “marijuana.” Rather, it showed a series of brief testimonials on the benefits of medical marijuana, referring to marijuana as “cannabis.”

The laid-back response is possibly due to to the fact that marijuana use is widely accepted in Northern California.

Many say marijuana negatively affects the electrical activity of the brain, and can[ lead to heart disease, cancer, and other chronic condition. Other people say that, under the use of a trained dispenser or doctor, cannabis can be used for medical therapy, with success.

Marijuana, now legal for medical use by prescription in 14 states, is used as an option to pain killers and since advertisement of prescription drugs is completely legal, it could be tough for naysayers to push for the regulation of the broadcasts.

California was the first state to legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes. It is currently putting forward a vote to the public, to see if recreational use of marijuana will be made legal.medical-marijuana-commercial

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