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Citizens Review Panel Split On Medical Marijuana Measure

August 23, 2010

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Image by Goodnight London via Flickr

Chris Lehman | August 23, 2010 | Salem, OR

After a week of consideration, a citizens panel of Oregon voters has emerged deeply divided over a medical marijuana ballot initiative.

Measure 74 would allow medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon.

The 24-member panel of randomly selected voters came out in favor of the measure by a 13-to-11 vote.

Opponents said it would open the door to more abuse of the drug. Supporters called the measure a safe, financially sound way to improve access to medical marijuana.

Panelist Melissa Norgren of Portland said she came out in favor of the measure but it wasn’t an easy choice.

Melissa Norgren: “The fact that it came down so evenly shows what a difficult measure this is for people too. it isn’t something that people just have a snap decision about.”

Statements from the Citizens Initiative Review Panel in favor and against the measure will appear in the voters’ pamphlet.

A separate panel last week came out by a wide margin against an initiative that would increase penalties for repeat sex offenders and drunken drivers.

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