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Rest assured, your medical marijuana will be pure

August 9, 2010

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 By Mike DeBonis  |  August 9 2010

On Friday, I did a very close read of the nearly 80 pages of draft medical marijuana regulations released by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. My Saturday story focused on the fact that liquor regulators will oversee much of the program, not the health department.

I didn’t get to mention my favorite portion of the regs, Section 5620, which deals with the high standards required of licensed marijuana cultivators. Behold:


5620.1 In the course of producing and growing medical marijuana, a cultivation center is forbidden from using any of the following substances or techniques:

(a) Synthetic pesticides (e.g. defoliants and desiccants, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides), or wood preservatives (e.g. arsenate);

(b) Fertilizer or composted plant and animal material that contains a substance prohibited by this section;

(c) Sewage sludge, in any form, as a soil amendment;

(d) Synthetic growth regulators;

(e) Synthetic allopathic veterinary drugs, including antibiotics and parasiticides;

(f) Synthetic processing substances, aids and ingredients, and food additives and processing aids including sulphates, nitrates and nitrites;

(g) Equipment, packaging materials and storage containers, or bins that contain synthetic fungicide, preservative or fumigant;

(h) Any pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer, rodenticides, or drugs banned by the Department of Agriculture or Food and Drug Administration; or any other substances or techniques deemed unlawful by the Board.

5620.2 In the course of harvesting medical marijuana, a cultivation center shall not harvest medical marijuana before the plant is no less than 60 days old starting from the day the seed is planted.

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