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Texas Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group Hits the Scene with Full Force

July 31, 2010

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With a republican-led senate, Texas’ legislators’ opinions towards a medical marijuana program remain adverse. In response, Alexander Young, a PTSD patient, formed Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group, an organization that promotes pharmaceutical research. Having each board member suffering from a condition proven to be treatable by cannabis, a passion to develop into a national influence flares. The struggle will often present significant obstacles, but MMAG is up for the challenge.


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Aransas Pass, TX, July 31, 2010 –(– With the state of Texas recognizing Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group (MMAG) as a non-profit, the fight to bring medical marijuana legislation to Texas’ constitution grows closer to being a reality. MMAG, a recently founded organization advocating peaceful protest for pharmaceutical research, joined the movement with full force, absent of hesitation to act, from Alexander Young, president and founder of the group. The goal was clear and the level of motivation and passion in the executive board members flared, quickly attracting supporters.

“We expect strong opposition from disbelievers. It’s inevitable in such a conservative atmosphere. We knew this when we started and we’re ready for a struggle. But it’s time to end needless suffering,” said Alexander Young.
However, chapters are not the sole effective avenue for promoting research, feels Public Relations Director for MMAG, Tim DaGiau. “It’s time to bring centralization and a single, clear, professional voice to the medicinal cannabis community. ‘Patients first’ is a phrase often heard, but talk of protection for dispensaries is typically left absent from the conversation. It’s time to create a network of pooled resources between dispensaries on a nationwide level,” said DaGiau. The group emphasizes that the national dispensary support network will not tolerate dispensaries failing to obey their state’s legislation guidelines; in fact, it’s just the opposite; in order to bring credibility back to medical marijuana patients, the network will identify which owners are acting illegally and notify the appropriate departments to promptly address the issue.

Acceptance of cannabis research is within reach, believes the board at Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group. The organization’s executive board members are dedicated to be the influence that will display to disbelieving legislators that well-regulated medical marijuana is a practical and reasonable concept.

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