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Why the tycoons fear hemp: From drugs to oil

June 22, 2010

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The late 1930’s brought about a little relief from the great depression. On the horizon was a great deal of big business including plastics made from petroleum, artificial pharmaceuticals, and a rising energy consumption based on fossil fuels. Only one thing stood in the way. Hemp.

Hemp is a plant that could have changed the face of history. It has so many uses that it could, and if we changed our ways can still, change the way we do business. Hemp has numerous uses and thousands of products that can be made with it, including plastics, many pharmaceuticals, and gasoline. In effect it could change our big business, tear down some of the largest and riches companies in America by replacing petroleum in plastics, changing the face of the pharmaceuticals, and replacing oil as a form of energy.

Plastics dawned huge in the late 1930’s. Technology was creating more and more types for more and more uses. However, hemp oil could replace petroleum and create just as many types of plastics. Items that often fill landfills for an unknown, but lengthy time could be made biodegradable including plastic shopping bags and diapers. PVC pipes could be made just as strong using hemp oil. You can replace every plastic item out there with a healthy for the earth alternative. But it would cost some large corporations a lot of money.

Pharmaceuticals are based on a wide variety of artificial ingredients. Some of which could be replaced by using different parts of hemp. It would of course change the face of the companies we know. Legalizing hemp would also make for a natural pain reliever and one of the healthiest foods on the planet to be available for all people (and we aren’t talking medicinal marijuana!).

Oil could be replaced by hemp oil. Gasoline, energy, natural gas consumption could all be replaced with the friendlier hemp oil. It would lower emissions, be more economic, and it is something we can grow so we wouldn’t have to continue to fear running out. However, it would mean destroying the oil business and changing the face of many industries nationwide and even world wide.

Of course hemp doesn’t stop there. It can be made it to textiles, from heavy and course burlap to soft and wonderful feeling clothing. It can be made into makeup, paper, and even particle board. It can be made into fire proof building materials. Additionally hemp could help save people all over the world who are dying of starvation. Hemp seeds have all nine of the essential amino acids making it the most complete food source known to man. A handful of seeds can keep the body going for a great deal of time.

So, What happened?
1930’s brought about big business. Those businesses placed pressure on the government. After all, money was tight, and recovery from the stock market crash hadn’t quite happened as fast or as completely as everyone hoped. The government released a video called “Refer Madness”. In this video fear was placed upon the people about their children smoking marijuana and getting high. The doctors on this film talked about the crazy things done while high. Through propaganda it wasn’t hard to get the American people on board the fight against hemp. It then became illegal for farmers to grow hemp without a license. Licenses went through the Federal Department of Agriculture and over time growing of hemp stopped completely.


That helps the war on drugs, right?
Well, this is where it gets complicated. Hemp and marijuana aren’t the same thing, they are cousin plants that are closely related, except in one area. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) the chemical found in marijuana that gets people high, isn’t in hemp to a high enough percentage to get high. In fact to get high you need a THC of 3% or more. Good marijuana has it at 10-15%. Hemp has a concentration of THC around 0.01-0.3%. It isn’t enough to get high off of.

Additionally these plants can’t be grown together. Cross pollination renders both plants impotent. This makes it impossible to be growing hemp legally and hiding marijuana in the fields. Top it off, they are grown very differently, so one couldn’t lie about what they were growing (hemp is grown in rows 1-2″ apart, marijuana needs rows that are 12-18″ apart).

Big business and government control has effectively stamped out our best resource. This would also be the greenest option available making a great deal of biodegradable plastics available and a renewable resource for energy and oil that could be grown in quantities that are sufficient to meet our needs (corn can’t be grown fast enough or in large enough quantities to meet our gasoline needs let alone other energy needs). The tycoons of America fear the plant that could shift industries and mean big money losses.

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  1. June 22, 2010 9:14 pm

    It’s really amazing how many products could be made with hemp. Especially plastics.. we live in such a plastic culture these days, and I’d bet there’s quite a few people who don’t realize that it comes from oil.

    Jeez.. if hemp was legal to grow, and grew everywhere, there would be virtually No Outdoor growing of smokable cannabis ! That should sound good to those opposed to smoking.

    The most recent US government study basically stated that there is not a significant demand of hemp to justify allowing it’s production. People really need to start realizing what a great natural resource we’ve been overlooking.


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