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Medical Marijuana Recommendations Overview

March 1, 2010

According to California state law, a patient can legally consume, carry, and grow marijuana once they have received a marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician. A marijuana recommendation is written approval from a patient’s doctor stating, that the doctor has reviewed the case and determined that the patient may benefit from the use of marijuana; that the patient has discussed the pros and cons of the treatment with the doctor, and that the doctor will continue to monitor the patient.

Some ailments that are frequently treated with a marijuana recommendation are: migraines, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, chemotherapy side-effects, AIDS, and anxiety. This is a short list and it should be noted that each case must be carefully evaluated by a licensed physician before a marijuana recommendation may be made.

Because the laws can be confusing, and sometimes conflicting jurisdictions over-lap, many general practitioners are reluctant to go on record regarding a marijuana recommendation. As a result, clinics specializing in marijuana recommendations are increasing in number. As with most other specialists, a reputable doctor who specializes in marijuana recommendations should want to review a patient’s medical history, discuss other types of treatment that have been tried, and address any concern about drug interactions and side-effects. A medical marijuana recommendation specialist can also advise patients regarding concerns somewhat unique to marijuana: dosage consistency, purity of the medication, etc.

While a marijuana recommendation is not technically legal on the federal level, recent guidelines put forth by federal agencies have decreed that those authorities will not get involved in cases where the patient is in compliance with state law. Thus, a medical marijuana recommendation is an excellent way for a patient to help protect themselves from unwanted attention from law enforcement.

Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation is relatively easy for most qualifying patients. After a few preliminary questions, reputable clinics that specialize in marijuana recommendations can often help patients locate existing medical records or refer them to primary care treatment for examination and diagnosis, before setting up an appointment for an evaluation for the marijuana recommendation.

If you have questions regarding medical marijuana recommendations in Southern California, contact Alternative Care Clinics at (866) 420-7215 or go to

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